Valley Voter Awareness Month Sign Up Form

Please fill out the form to collaborate with AACT on Valley Voter Awareness Month. We encourage you/your organization to set a voter registration goal as a way to get more people engaged in voting.

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  • Terms of Participation

    In order to celebrate and honor Valley Voter Awareness Month, we ask all participants to refrain from any political or issue messaging and focus on neutrally creating voter awareness. By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

    I will conduct all voter engagement efforts in a nonpartisan way.

    I will not discriminate anyone from being provided the opportunity to engage in the process of voting.

    All activities will be strictly voluntary and left to someone’s own discretion to participate.

    I will contact AACT if I am not familiar on how to properly conduct voter engagement effort in compliance with applicable laws.

    I will submit all voter registration applications and pledge-to-vote cards to AACT in a timely manner