There Is Power In Numbers

Increasing the number of people that vote in each election means better representation, more funding to our communities, and a better quality of life. Politicians listen to two things, money and votes. If we work together as a community and increase voter turnout, then our state and national legislators will listen to our needs. Education, healthcare, immigration, infrastructure, the economy, our veterans, etc. are all affected by our vote.

Lets Create A Positive Change!

By working together to increase voter turnout, our community will benefit through job growth, better healthcare, better education, better infrastructure, a better economy, safer neighborhoods, and most importantly a better quality of life for our families. Its time to change the status quo and improve the lives of everyone we care about through voting, because our voice matters

Top 10 Reasons to Vote

Even if you went to a polling location and only voted for one person, it will be counted. By law your vote has to be counted. Your ballot cannot be skipped or ignored otherwise it is unconstitutional Sometimes elections can come down to a small number of votes which greatly affects how your city, state, and nation are run. Your vote counts, vote!

Ten Reasons to Vote
1. Vote! It's Your Right.

People have died defending this right. Don’t take it for granted! Voting is more than just electing a candidate, it’s choosing the right policies and people who have your best interests in mind when making decisions that will affect our community, state and nation. When you vote, you are taking an active role in deciding issues regarding health care, immigration, equal opportunity, voting rights, infrastructure, jobs, education, social security, neighborhood safety, taxes, etc.

2. Vote to Allocate Federal Money To this Region.

This money can be used for education, youth programs, healthcare, veterans, creating jobs, the environment, etc. In the Rio Grande Valley 4 out of 10 people vote in a Presidential Election and only 2 out of 10 vote in a Gubernatorial Election. This is not enough! For this region to grow and get state and federal funding, we need to vote.

3. If You Do Not Vote, Someone Else Will.

Voting only takes a couple of minutes but the ripple effect caused by your vote will last beyond a candidate’s term. Do you want someone else deciding for you the laws that will affect your family and community? Voting gives you the power to choose how your city, state, and country will be run. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain! Go vote and make the decision before someone else does it for you.

4. Decide How Your Taxes Will Be Spent.

Elected officials such as county/city commissioners, the governor, state officials, legislators, President, and members of Congress will decide how to pay for public services with the money collected from our taxes and how to share the tax burden. Take an active role and find out if your candidate shares your views and will spend your money wisely.

5. Voting Affects Your Job.

When you vote for a member of Congress, the President, the governor and your legislators they make decisions that affect minimum wage, fairness in hiring, pay equity, job security, workplace safety, and health insurance provided by your employer.

Ten Reasons to Vote
6. Vote to Improve Your Child's Education

Local and state school board members who you elect will make decisions on policies and budgets that will affect how well prepared your children will be for their future. Your Legislators, governor, members of Congress, and the President also make decisions that affect the cost and quality of public schools and higher learning institutions. Vote to place your children and grandchildren in good hands.

7. Healthcare is Affected by Your Vote.

Your vote grants the governor, legislators, and Congress the right to take action and pass or reject laws that will determine your access to health care. Vote and elect people who have your best interest in mind. Do it for your love ones, so they can have access to a Healthcare that represents your views.

8. Social Security is Affected by Your Vote

Whomever you elect for president and Congress will decide how much payroll tax you pay and what Medicare services you receive and share payment for. They also make decisions on cost of living increases and benefit schedules for your Social Security pension.

Ten Reasons to Vote
9. Vote to Improve the Safety of Your Neighborhood.

Elected officials and judges make day to day decisions on laws that will affect your community, law enforcement, crime prevention, traffic patterns, and where to build schools, parks, and recreational places.

10. Vote to Improve Your Highways.

Have you ever wondered why we have so many roads with potholes and no one seems to be doing anything about it? The people you elect like commissioners, legislators, governor, and members of Congress take an active role deciding what highways are needed, what public transit to support and how the bill will be paid. Vote to elect people who will do something to fix the problems we face.